First of all, what is pain? Pain is a sensation that occurs when pain receptors are stimulated and send signals to the brain. The brain then processes such information as pain. There are many kinds of pain: acute vs. chronic, chemical vs. mechanical, referred vs. […]
While the traditional, unscientific approach of physical therapy and manipulative therapy fail to give long-term relief to low back pain patients, many people resort to think that they have to live with their low back pain (LBP) for the rest of their lives. Such myth […]
If you have low back pain and even have radiating symptoms from the lumbar spine, you need to FIRST take care of that before getting into all the other strengthening or cardio exercise for weight loss.  Remember all mechanical problems in the back have a […]
There is the formation of fibrosed tissue (scar tissue) in the process of a derangement such as bulging disc and herniation being reduced and healed in our spine.  If there is nerve root involvement in the episode–i.e. radiating or referred neurological symptoms occur, the scar […]
A comment was posted to my blog on “Cervical Stenosis” with some very good questions: “I am wondering which Mckenzie neck exercises did you perform? All 7? 8 times a day? I am concerned about doing #2 and #7. I am in the same situation […]
I used to have periodic “pain in the neck”, especially in the years of keeping my head in the books in college and graduate school.  But since I was introduced to the McKenzie method and became certified in it, there has been hardly any episode […]
Someone recently raised a question regarding numbness and weakness resulting from a low back pain episode.  He recently had a low back injury from squatting and reaching down to pick up an object.  After performing extension exercises according to the McKenzie principles his back pain […]
It is important to understand the anatomical arrangement in our lumbar spine (low back) in order to understand how and where problems can occur. Only after this, can effective treatment be applied. The Components The vertebral bodies are secured by a thick layer of an […]
Are you getting away from a  sedentary lifestyle and moving toward an active lifestyle? Walking more, and walking regularly, is an easy exercise with great benefits. Below is a great testimony of someone who started walking. Mycle Brandy is a stroke survivor with a simple […]
From the moment you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, how many times do you bend forward? Answer: too many! Getting out of bed marks the first forward bending activity. The morning routine, which includes bending forward […]