First of all, what is pain? Pain is a sensation that occurs when pain receptors are […]
While the traditional, unscientific approach of physical therapy and manipulative therapy fail to give long-term relief […]
If you have low back pain and even have radiating symptoms from the lumbar spine, you […]
There is the formation of fibrosed tissue (scar tissue) in the process of a derangement such […]
A comment was posted to my blog on “Cervical Stenosis” with some very good questions: “I […]
I used to have periodic “pain in the neck”, especially in the years of keeping my […]
Someone recently raised a question regarding numbness and weakness resulting from a low back pain episode.  […]
It is important to understand the anatomical arrangement in our lumbar spine (low back) in order […]
Are you getting away from a  sedentary lifestyle and moving toward an active lifestyle? Walking more, […]
From the moment you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed […]