Are you getting away from a  sedentary lifestyle and moving toward an active lifestyle? Walking more, and walking regularly, is an easy exercise with great benefits.

If you live in Utah, where Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center is located, then getting out and walking is a must. You just do not want to miss the beautiful sites! In Salt Lake City, Red Butte Garden or any one of the many parks affords city dwellers great walking opportunities.


1. Develops a strong and healthy heart.
2. Helps to ensure normal blood flow to all parts of the body.
3. Strengthens the body generally to prevent many health problems.
4. Loosens stiff joints.
5. Reduces risk for low back pain.
6. Speeds up healing in most rehabilitation regimens.
7. Promotes bone health.
8. Helps to clear the mind and stabilize emotions.

Walking in the park

Below is a great testimony of someone who started walking. Mycle Brandy is a stroke survivor with a simple but life-changing message: “physical activity inspires a healthy lifestyle”.

In 2003, I decided to get off all medications and work to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I gave up smoking and was determined to be more physically active. Things took a positive turn in 2005 when I joined the American Heart Association’s marathon training program Train To End Stroke. Louise and I went to an information session and I was sold on the idea within a few minutes. I needed to take control of my health, and physical activity seemed a good way to do it. I never really thought I could complete a marathon. I signed up basically to get some exercise.

Mycle brandy

Watch more of Mycle’s inspiring story:

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